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notsam Wrestling Podcast

Every Thursday Morning Sam talks to the biggest names in Pro Wrestling, and gives his take on what's going on in The State of Wrestling.  Subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify - or listen right here every week!


Pat Buck goes tot Alaska - Notsam Wrestling 235

Pat Buck talks to Sam Roberts about bringing Wrestle Pro to Alaska, maintaining his own promotion, getting back to wrestling, and more.

Sam talks the new Bray Wyatt, Dana Brooke, Dustin Runnels, The Shield's last ride, and more, in the State of Wrestling. 

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Bruiser Brody, Abdullah The Butcher, and Montreal - Darkside Of The Ring - Notsam Wrestling 234

The Producer and Director of Viceland's Dark Side of the Ring, Evan Hunsey and Jason Eisner talk to Sam Roberts about their documentary series, talking to Abdullah the Butcher, finding out new information on the Montreal Screw Job, Bruiser Brody's life, and amazing Earl Hebner story, and more.

Sam recaps the Superstar Shake Up, talks Luke Harper, the Viking Experience, and more, in the State of Wrestling.

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Vickie Guerrero - Notsam Wrestling 233

Vickie Guerrero talks to Sam Roberts about leaving the WWE and why, her relationship with Vince McMahon, her favorite moments with Edge, being a GM, getting in the ring, and more.

Sam recaps Wrestlemania, talks about the Superstar Shake Up, and more, in the State of Wrestling

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Welcome to notsam, digital content brand of The Last Professional Broadcaster, Sam Roberts.

Sam hosts the mornings, with comedian Jim Norton, on one of SiriusXM's most popular shows "JimNorton & Sam Roberts,"  on SiriusXM 103.  His podcast, "Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast" is consistently ranked in iTunes top sports, and has spawned several live shows, and he is a regular panelist on the WWE's Kickoff Shows, making appearances on events like Summerslam and Wrestlemania.  His YouTube channel, where he hosts his live YouTube Show Sam Roberts Now, reaches thousands every week, and he’s

been featured on Fox News' Red EyeThe WWE NetworkFuseTV, Michelle Beadle’s “The Crossover," and more.  

Sam's hosted podcasts with Ricky Gervais, moderated live events for A24 Films, Travel Channel, and El Rey Network, and has interviewed everyone from Garth Brooks, to JJ Abrams, to Kevin Hart, to William H Macy, to The Room's Tommy Wisseau.  He went viral at a point, with one of his YouTube creations clocking in at over 5.8 million hits.

You've seen him somewhere.  And now, you're here.


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