Sam Roberts' Show Rundown - 4/3/15

-Sam starts the show with Nicole Ryan talking about Ron and Fez' last show on radio.
-They talk about the April Fools Day Prank the Morning Mashup got over on Nicole, and play the audio.  It's embarrassing.  
-Sam plays some new "Story Time with X Pac" Pieces, and talks about Jay-Z's new "Tidal" streaming music service.
-Sam talks about how awful The Slap was, and that no one watched the finale.
-Sam is not excited about the Full House revamp, and we talk about other shows that could be revamped.
-Elisabeth Moss stops by, and talks about her new play on Broadway, the last season of Mad Men, and touches on Scientology.
-Sam talks about HBO's Scientology documentary and how any religion can be made to look insane.
-Nick Howard comes in to talk about his career as a musician and to play some songs.

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