Sam Roberts' Show Rundown - 4/17/15

-Sam starts the show with Nicole, they talk about Joe Rogan hosting the morning show earlier.
-Sam explains to Nicole that women who do thing to make themselves ugly, i.e. wearing fake mustaches, are not funny and it's gross.  The two talk about body hair.
-Sam plays the teaser for his haircut.
-Sam considered paying $20 to get Roddick Bowe to tweet about the show.  Nicole and Sam learn about bankruptcy, and how to get away with not paying for things.
-Sam and Nicole talk about the new Star Wars trailer, Mike Cannon joins the show and talks about being on the Nightly Show last night.
-DJ Whookid calls in to talk about how insane his life has been, being on tour with Wacka Flacka Flame.
-Sam plays clips of the Filthy Brothers' previous appearance on the show for Nicole and Mike.
-Anya Marina joins the show, and talks about her love life, being a singer, and performs for us.