Sam Roberts Friday Show Rundown - 9/5/14

-Sam starts the show and is joined by Whoo Kid & Nicole Ryan.  They talks about this week's nude photo leak, the Fappening.
-We play clips from news anchors who have no idea what the cloud or 4Chan are.
-We talk about Joan River, and Sam plays a clip from an interview he did with her earlier this year.
-Bobby Lee joins the show and talks about getting in to a fight with his girlfriend.  Bobby tells a story about getting beaten up three times in a row by Ari Shaffir.  He also talks about being depressed in New York.
-Sam plays a clip from his interview with Ray Liotta earlier this week.
-Judah Friedlander joins the show, Bobby Lee leaves to pee, then comes back.
-We talk about New York, and living in Manhattan.
-Judah tries to give Sam advice on his goals, Sam gives Bobby advice.
-The show ends with a round of #TSIF