Sam Roberts Friday Show Rundown - 8/29/14

-Sam starts the show with DJ Whookid, Sam Morrill, and Joe Machi.  They starts talking about Jonestown, based on a documentary Sam saw on Netflix about Jim Jones.
-Sam and the guys talk about Joan Rivers, and whether or not the stuff she's done with E! negatively effects her status as a comic legend.
-We play the Mike Brown tribute song done by The Game, and talk about the rappers in the song still making it about themselves.
-Sam brings up the gun instructor that was killed teaching a 9 year old how to shoot an Uzi, and they take calls on kids playing with guns.
-Rob Bartlett calls in to the show and talks about the differences in comedy in 214, and being the worst wrestling commentator of all time.
-Sam talks to Joe and WhooKid about how bad The Simpsons became, and about David Chase still having to talk about his Sopranos ending.  Sam plays a clip of his interview with David Chase, where David explained the Pine Barrens episode.
-We end with a round of TSIF.