Sam Roberts' Friday Show Rundown- 8/22/14

-Sam plays his new favorite pop song, he talks to Nicole Ryan about the new Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift songs.
-Sam and Nicole talk about masturbation, using music videos, scrambled porn channels, and other methods as a kid.
-Erik and Sal from O&A get in a fight over what happened during commercial, Sam makes them hug.
-50 Cent challenges Floyd Mayweather to read a page out a Harry Potter.  Sam and Nicole listen to Floyd try to do a read for a radio station.
-Sam plays and interview with Sting (the wrestler) from last weekend in LA.
-Comedian Mark Normand joins the show and talks about being in the right place at the right time in comedy, and nervousness. 
-Mark talks about the times he was mugged, and being knocked out in New Orleans.
-We end the show debating small v. large penises, and a TSIF round.

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