Sam Roberts' Friday Show Rundown- 8/1/14

Let's try doing these rundowns again...

-Sam starts the show by fixing the phones
-Sam's joined by Nicole Ryan, and explains that Smash Mouth is quite possibly the worst band ever.
-We talk Musical Confessionals, which are like guilty pleasures, but worse, and take calls.
-We talk Sharknado and hear a clip from Sam's interview with Ian Ziering
-We play clips from Sam's interview with Taylor Schilling and talk about her Emmy nomination for Orange is the New Black.
-Comedian Yannis Pappas joins the show.  We talk to him about the characters he does, and he tells us the story of the time he was shot.
-Ira the Weatherman joins the show to talk about his obsession with old radio, and to give his opinions on ethnicities. 
-Mary Jean from Penthouse comes in and shows us her new breasts.  She then bites Yannis' nipple.

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