Sam Roberts' Friday Show Rundown - 6/6/14

-Sam & DJ Whookid start the show from the studio built in the Raw Dog Comedy office, because the Opie & Anthony studio was taken apart earlier in the day.
-We listen to clips of a guy in Pittsburg who has a fetish for old women, and try to figure out the physiology. 
-Sam talks to Whookid about Jack White being a rock savior, we listen to the new Jack White song.
-Comedian Chris Destefano joins the show, and Sam and Whookid bring him up to speed.
-Nicole Ryan joins Sam and Whookid as they interview Guy Fieri.  Wiz Khalifa makes a surprise appearance in studio, and Whookid disappears with him.
-Sam talks to Whookid and Chris Destefano about hop hop being influenced by gay culture.
-Sam introduces the show to the "Thank Sam It's Friday" concept.


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