Sam Roberts' Friday Show Rundown - 6/20/14

-Sam starts the show taking calls.  He's joined by Nicole as he explains how bad multitasking is.
-DJ Whookid joins the show, and brings in Jay Pharaoh from SNL.  Jay does his impressions of Lil Wayne, Obama, TI, talks about his experiences on SNL, and a middle school kid who got his prosthetic leg thrown down the stairs during a race war.
-Sam Morril joins the show, and we talk about bed bugs, roaches, and rats.
-We listen to Sam talking to Guy Pearce about Titanic beating LA Confidential for an Oscar.
-Ira from the Jay Thomas Show joins the show to give his take as a film expert.
-We listen to Sam talking to Jenny Mollens and Jason Bigg, and talk about breast feeding and threesomes.
-Sam plays a clip of Candace Cameron on The View talking about how horrible threesomes and prostitutes are.
-The listeners Thanks Sam It's Friday.


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