Sam Roberts' Show Rundown - 12/9/14

-Sam starts the show with Nicole, and talks about how much more attracted to Taylor Swift he is, because she sounds like a difficult person in her new song.
-Sam brings up the nude Khloe Kardashian photos, and talks about sex with pregnant women.  Nicole and Sam talk to producer Adrian about his sex drive.
-Sam plays a clip of Cee Lo Green talking about Bill Cosby
-Sam talks about the beef going on between Anderson Cooper and Billy Corgan.
-We play a clip of Sam interviewing ROH Wrestling's Jay Briscoe earlier this week.
-The Twin Towers, two rappers that stand outside the SiriusXM building regularly, come up to tell their story, and to ask Sam to cosign their album.  Whatever that means.
-Ari Shaffir comes in to explain his side of the Bobby Lee beat down story.
-The Twin Towers end the show with some freestyles.