Sam Roberts' Show Rundown - 11/21/14

-Sam starts the show talking about Obama making him feel bad by quoting scripture in his speech last night.
-Sam talks immigration, DJ Whookid joins the show and gives his take, some of the callers get mad.
-Sam and Whookid talk about Willow and Jayden Smith, and the New York Times interview they did this week.
-Sam introduces Whookid to the new podcast Serial, which is taking over the country.  Sam plays his new show, "Serial Number 2," to compete.
-Rachel Feinstein joins the show, and talks about hosting a show with Shaq, and her Dad using the phrase "piece of human garbage."
-They play a round a Fake, Fake, Totally Fake for an Xbox One game.
-Rachel tries to text strange women from Whookid's phone.