Sam Roberts' Show Rundown- 10/17/14

-Sam starts the show with DJ Whookid and Nicole, talking about his big iPhone, and watching Apple's newest event.
-Rich Vos calls in on his way to a gig to talk about his need to consume.
-Sam plays a clip from the Apple event of a guy making a ridiculous auto-correct type-o
-Sam debuts Bobby Lee's new rap song based on his appearance on the show last week
-Sam brings up Carmelo Anthony's grades from Syracuse being exposed by former coach Jim Boeheim, and brings up a story from being in school the same time as Melo.
-Chris Destefano joins the show and talks about his theory on college athletes being paid.
-Sam, Whookid, Nicole, and Chris talks about awkward celebrity interactions.
-We celebrate DJ Whoo Kid's birthday with Anju McIntyre, Mary Jean, and Jade Vixen from Penthouse.