#SRShow Rundown 12/18/15

-Sam tries to figure out why someone would open Sisters opposite Star Wars.
-We look at a new YouTube sensation who calls in and pronounces Sam, "Not Too Shabby."
-Peter Rosenberg stops in to talk radio, his career, and more.
-Larry gives us an update on the SiriusXM Hostile with his bird.

#SRShow Rundown 12/17/15

-Sam does the show with DJ Whookid and Nicole!  We talk to Mashup Nicole about the sexual/combative vibe at her house over the weekend.
-The Pharma Bro who over charged for AIDS medication is going to jail
-Nicole let's her husband control all her money.
-We try to give advice to a caller at a Taco Bell drive thru.
-Star Wars is out now.
-Jamie calls in with her weird dad.