Welcome to notsam, digital content brand of The Last Professional Broadcaster, Sam Roberts.

Sam hosts the morning show, with comedian Jim Norton, on one of SiriusXM's most popular shows "Sam Roberts and Jim Norton,"  on SiriusXM 103.  His podcast, "Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast" is consistently ranked in iTunes top 10 sports podcasts, and his YouTube channel reaches thousands every week.  He’s been featured on Fox News' Red Eye, The WWE NetworkFuse TV, Michelle Beadle’s “The Crossover," and more.  Sam's interviewed everyone from Garth Brooks, to Ricky Gervais, to Kevin Hart, to William H Macy…to Snooki... He's gone the viral video route as well, with one of his YouTube creations clocking in at over 5.8 million hits.

Yes, you've seen that dude with the afro somewhere.  Most likely, one of these places:

Jim Norton and Sam Roberts

Mon-Fri, 8am et. SiriusXM 103 and on SiriusXM On Demand
Every morning Jim Norton and Sam Roberts break down the world around them, talk to some of the most interesting celebrities, comedians, and musicians in the world, and make obscene jokes.

Replays 11am and 9pm et, and on the weekends.

Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast

Every Wednesday Morning on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, & notsam.com
Once a week Sam talks to wrestling fans, as a wrestling fan.  Touching on everything happening in the current world of pro wrestling, as well as bringing on the most important guests from the world of sports entertainment, it's a show built by a wrestling fan who still likes wrestling.  Get it on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and everywhere else podcasts are available.

Fox News

Sam is a regularly contributor to Fox News' late night show Red Eye.


YouTube Personality

The notsam YouTube channel is updated multiple times a week with the #SRShow Behind the scenes video show, the bonus State of Wrestling, celebrity interviews, full length discussions, bits from the radio show, and comedy videos including the "Waiting for an iPhone 5...for no reason," video with over 5.8 million views.



WWE Network

See Sam as a regular guest on "Countdown" and "The List" exclusively on the WWE Network.  Sam is also a featured talking head on other WWE Shows and Home Video releases.